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What Does EXEO Group Mean?

“Exeo” means “to move out,” among other meanings, and here expresses the determination to break out of the mold and always venture out to take on new challenges for the unlimited development and growth of the Company.

Beginning with Kyowa Densetsu, our company has changed its corporate name to Kyowa Exeo and the EXEO Group. The name of the Group was changed to in order to create new value by reorganizing the management resources of the Group, which has diversified in recent years due to the expansion of its business fields, in succession to the spirit of "Let's work together to develop our business by engaging in telecommunications equipment construction." of Kyowa. The new name, "The EXEO Group," embodies the Group's strong determination to bring out the strengths of each and every member of the Group and to work together toward the future.

History of EXEO Group

Our company was founded in 1951 as a company linking Japan through electric wires and phone lines.
The Company expanded to provide buildings and electric equipment, and now it connects urban systems, including plants, subway systems and railways. The Company also provides systems that enable people to connect with each other more comfortably at work and in their everyday lives through 5G and the cloud.
We will continue to link society."

What Kind of Company Is EXEO Group?

The Company was founded as a telephone installation company for NTT. It has grown to become a corporate group providing comprehensive services, including planning, designing, construction and maintenance, across a range of fields, particularly solutions, in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.
The Group’s foundation is its technological capabilities. The Group aims to always pursue and acquire superior, more advanced technologies, regardless of the changing times.

For details of our group’s major businesses, please see here.


An Urban System for
Connecting Things in Cities

We connect cities through activities in a range of fields, including telecommunications, civil engineering, construction, electric equipment and renewable energy.


Human System
for Connecting People

We promote interpersonal communication and communication between people and things using ICT at offices, plants and other places.