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Better Engineering

The greatest foundation for the existence of the Exeo Group lies in our technological capabilities.
Even as times change, we aspire to be a group of companies continually pursuing more superior technologies that represent advances forward, and to make those technologies our own. We strive to be a company that leverages those technological capabilities to make even greater contributions to society, and which continues to be seen by society as something of value.

Since its establishment in 1954, the Exeo Group has helped to solve various social issues and to enrich peopleʼs lives. Maintaining our core competence in specialized technologies in the field of information and communications infrastructure, we have expanded our business domains to meet the needs of the times, including: electrical infrastructure, civil infrastructure, and environmental infrastructure; network integration; and system integration.

Our Groupʼs greatest strength lies in the advanced technical capabilities that we have cultivated through our experience in many fields. In information and communications networks, we provide a full range of services throughout Japan, from planning and design to construction, operation, and maintenance of a wide range of telecommunications equipment. In urban infrastructure also, we contribute to society in various settings, using the electrical and civil engineering technologies that we have developed through telecommunications construction. Such settings include railroads, data centers, water supply and sewage systems, and waste treatment plants. In system solutions, we fully leverage ICT (Information and Communication Technology) solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers, in areas such as business process reengineering, information security enhancement, and energy conservation. Using these diverse technical capabilities, we hope to create even more new value for society in the future. We will do this by combining our on-site capabilities in physical areas such as telecommunications, electricity, and civil engineering with our solution capabilities in cyberspace through ICT.

We have established our Group Purpose as “Bringing the benefits of connectivity to all,” as a clear statement of the role that we should play in society. The connecting power is a strength that we have valued for many years. It also embodies our ability to collaborate across the boundaries of business domains, companies, and departments within the Group, and our desire to create new value that can only be created by strengthening our relationships of trust with customers and partner companies, and bringing together a diverse range of capabilities. “The common sense of the future” expresses our intention to create new norms that will be demanded by society in the future, as well as our determination to continue to protect the common sense—such as safety, security, and quality—that we value on a day-to-day basis.
To solve social issues, which is the universal mission for companies, the Group will continue to connect and integrate diverse engineering solutions through innovation, and aim to become a company that is needed, not only in Japan, but throughout global society. We would like to ask all of our stakeholders for your continued warm understanding and support of the Group.