IR Policy, Disclaimers, Quiet Period

IR Policy

KYOWA EXEO discloses information about the Company in a fair, timely, and appropriate fashion and engages in proactive, readily understood IR activities. In this way, KYOWA EXEO aims to facilitate understanding of the Company among shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders, and to earn suitable evaluations and trust.


  1. This website contains forward-looking statements such as the future business performance of KYOWA EXEO. Please be aware that as these statements are based on the information available at the time of creation of the materials on the website, the actual results may differ materially due to various factors.
  2. KYOWA EXEO takes great care with the information contained in this website, but we are unable to accept any responsibility for any errors in the information or for any damage caused by downloading data, etc. This website is not intended to solicit investment, and investors must use their own judgment in making investment decisions.

Quiet Period

To prevent the leak of information that could influence share prices and to ensure fairness, KYOWA EXEO maintains a quiet period for four weeks prior to the release of accounts. During this period, we will not comment on the accounts or respond to any questions about them. Appropriate disclosure will, however, be made during this period if the disparity between the earnings forecast and previously released earnings forecasts clearly falls within the fluctuation range to which the timely disclosure rule applies.

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