Medium-Term Management Plan (FY16–FY20)

The Group has decided on a new Medium-Term Management Plan beginning in FY 2016.
This will be a five-year plan, lasting until FY 2020, taking into account increasingly active redevelopment and related investment ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
To successfully complete the plan, we will focus Group efforts to push forward with our operations, and establish a management base that is robust to changes in the business environment.

Medium-term Vision

Under this vision, we will push forward our various endeavors based on the following five basic strategies

Basic Policies

1. Reorganize business portfolio, fostering solutions into second core business
2. Expand engineering peripheral businesses by combining existing technologies and services
3. Expand business through M&A and alliances
4. Bolster profitability by increasing productivity through business improvement and implementing thorough efficiency measures
5. Increase shareholder value by boosting capital efficiency

Achievements and targets

Net sales ¥400.0bn
Operating income ¥30.0bn (Operating income margin 7.5%)
ROE 10%
EPS Over ¥200

ROE: return on equity  EPS: earnings per share

Target portfolio

Target portfolio

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