Business Overview

Society today is ever more dependent on advanced communication networks. We leverage our diverse range of technologies and business track record to provide leading-edge technological and construction solutions, products, and services to our clients.


Telecommunications Infrastructure

Since the company was founded, our core business has been the construction and maintenance of infrastructure across the whole of Japan, based on our technology in fiber-optic, CATV, NGNs, mobile phones, etc.

Electrical / Civil / Environmental Engineering

We carry out work, including construction and maintenance of electrical and air conditioning installations for office complexes and condominiums, urban civil engineering facilities such as laying underground cables (power pole elimination), new energy-related facilities in such areas as solar power generation, and water treatment and waste disposal plants.


Network Integration

We provide a full range of services to meet our customers' needs, from building network systems for corporations or private homes by providing different types of solutions utilizing networks.

System Integration

We provide complete solutions services to meet the various needs of our customers, from far upstream consulting to development, construction, maintenance, and operation, making full use of the latest technology and solutions such as SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture ) to resolve our customers' management issues.

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