CSR Information

The KYOWA EXEO Group gives constant thought to maintaining a positive relationship not just with our customers and employees, but also with our business partners, shareholders, investors, and the local community, in order to contribute to society and achieve sustainable growth. We therefore work to ensure sincere and highly transparent business operations as well as compliance in our management, so that we can continue to be a company with the trust of our stakeholders.

1. Basic CSR Policy

The KYOWA EXEO Group works toward realizing its corporate philosophy by contributing to environmental conservation and to the sustainable growth of society through its business activities.

Basic CSR Policy

2. CSR Promotion

The corporate philosophy of the KYOWA EXEO Group, which is the basic guideline for our corporate social responsibility, includes cultivating technological capability, seeking affluence, and contributing to society, and we work to make integrity a fundamental norm of our management. We recognize that efforts to achieve the corporate philosophy are indeed efforts toward CSR, and we are working to promote CSR.

Specifically, we are working toward high quality business operations by putting in place internal control systems based on the promotion of compliance and the development of risk management in all business fields.

3. CSR Promotion Systems

Rather than having a specific division responsible for CSR activities, at the KYOWA EXEO Group we recognize that CSR is something that every member of the staff should put into practice throughout the business process. In 2009, we reorganized the CSR promotion division that until then had been tasked with promoting CSR, and we established the new CSR Activities Division as the department responsible for disseminating information about activities. Also in 2009 we launched a CSR committee, chaired by the President, with meetings held whenever necessary. Moreover, as a lower organization of the CSR Activities Division, a staff member in charge of CSR is assigned to every department or office and to every Group company, so that there is a groupwide system of CSR promotion.

CSR Promotion Systems

4. To Become a Company Trusted by All Stakeholders

In addition to striving to ensure even greater information disclosure than now, the KYOWA EXEO Group will engage in proactive communication with all our stakeholders in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

To Become a Company Trusted by All Stakeholders

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