Telecommunications Infrastructure

We provide consistent quality services from planning and design to construction, implementation, operation and maintenance for all types of equipment and facilities throughout the country based on performance over the years and excellent technologies.

Broadband Access Networks Engineering

Fiber optic / coaxial cables installation service for fixed telecommunication network facilities

  •  Access Networks fiber optic cabling installation service
  •  CATV cabling installation service
  •  Railroad Communication Network cabling installation service

IP Core / Edge Networks, Next Generation Networks Engineering

Installation and implementation services of IP Core / Edge Network cabling and devices such as servers, routers, switches, hubs, bridges or gateways

  •  IP Core / Edge Network cabling and devices installation / implementation engineering services
  •  Electric Power Equipment installation engineering service
  •  NGN ( Next Generation Networks ) installation and implementation service

Mobile Communications Networks Engineering

Mobile Communication Network facilities related engineering services

  •  Construction of outdoor Mobile Communication Base Station
  •  Construction of indoor Mobile Communication Base Station
  •  Wireless assessment service
  •  Mobile solutions :
    •  Trailing type portable-backup-electric-power-supply
    •  Satellite mobile-phone system
    •  Wireless monitoring camera and remote surveillance system

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