Network Integration

We provide various types of services such as designing, implementing, operating servers and LANs for corporations, and improve server / internet environments and the security.

Network / Server ( including Fiber-optic line, Data Center )

Networking solutions and services

  •  Network / Server
  •  Dark Fiber network solutions
  •  Fiber optic networking service for corporate use Access Network ( "EXEO Hikari" )
  •  Optical wiring solutions for data centers
  •  Server rack / floor / floor zone seismic isolation structures
  •  IT equipment on-premise to data center migration / relocation service
  •  Order-made racks or structural hardwares for ICT facilities
  •  Network Operation / Remote Monitoring / Maintenance services

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN networking solutions and services

  •  Wireless access point solution for long‐haul transmission
  •  Outdoor wireless point-to-pint / multipoint bridge for long range backhaul
  •  Wireless LAN solutions for hotels
  •  Wireless LAN short-term provision service for various events ( a meeting, convention, Tradeshow, ceremony, etc. )
  •  Outdoor Wireless LAN solutions
  •  Wireless LAN deployment over the company offices or stores across the country
  •  Wireless LAN solutions for company premises / campus premises
  •  Wireless LAN solution in blind or semi-blind zones with WBLCX ( Wideband Leaky Coaxial Cable )

Communication Infrastructure ( Unified Cimmunications, Telephone system )

Unified communications deployment services

  • Skype for Business :
  •  Deployments total supporting service
  •  Network Readiness Assessment
  •  Proof of Concept ( PoC )
  •  Cloud Connector Edition ( CCE )
  •  Telephone system

Video Camera / Display Solutions

Networking services for monitoring cameras / multimedia displays and the content delivery

  •  Security cameras / monitoring cameras
  •  Shopping street / shopping mall monitoring cameras
  •  Tower crane monitoring camera system
  •  Digital Signage and the content delivery service
  •  Content delivery service via one segment area broadcasting

Location-based Services

Location-based services and mobile applications

  •  Beacon-based content delivery solution
  •  Sightseeing navigation / disaster evacuation guidance mobile Apps
  •  Disaster response supporting system for local governments ( EXRescue )

I o T ( Internet of Things ) / Sensing

Sensor networking services

  •  ICT ( Information and Communication Technology ) solutions for agriculture
  •  Sensing solutions
  •  Reservoir-water-level remote monitoring system
  •  Environmental radiation dose monitoring system


Network perimeter security solutions and services

  •  Virtual browser solutions as targeted attack measures
  •  Virtual Security Room solutions
  •  Thin Client solutions preventing information leakage
  •  Integrated security solutions
  •  Electromagnetic shielding solutions

Network Solutions for Facilities
( Commercial / Social / Residential Facilities )

Network solutions and services for various facilities ( complex commercial facilities, healthcare facilities, hotels, condominiums, etc. )

  •  ICT solutions for social welfare facilities ( elderly housing with supportive services )
  •  Floor call / cage floor position indicator system for temporary construction elevator

Office ICT Relocation / Extended Sites ICT Configuring and Deployment Services

Networking, ICT configuring and deployment services for offices or stores

  •  Office ICT ( Information and Communication Technology ) relocation services
  •  Construction-site-office ICT installation and setting-up services
  •  Networking multiple works ( civil engineering / electrical engineering / cabling / piping works )

Disaster Prevention / Disaster Damage Minimization / Disaster control

Disaster countermeasure solutions and services

  •  Photovoltaic system / battery system for evacuation centers
  •  Portable modular battery back-up power supply
  •  Early warning notification service for the impaired
  •  Early warning LED-display Digital Signage
  •  Alarm display system responding the early warning system "Area Mail"
  •  Municipal disaster management radio communication Network
  •  Reservoir-water-level remote monitoring system
  •  Municipal disaster control support system ( EXRescue )

Energy-saving / Smart Energy

Energy-saving / Smart Energy solutions and services

  •  The implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades
  •  LED illuminations
  •  Electric vehicle DC Fast Charger installation and maintenance
  •  Electric vehicle Normal Charger ( Level 2 Charger ) installation and maintenance

Home Network

Home LAN / home renewable energy system installation and implementation services

  •  Home LAN structured wiring / Wi-Fi access points
  •  General household Photovoltaic System / Battery System / HEMS ( Home Energy Management System )

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