Electrical / Civil / Environmental Engineering

We are engaged in works related to redevelopment projects toward 2020 in the Tokyo metropolitan area and public works in line with the government's initiatives for building national resilience, including the installation of telecommunications ( except for telecommunications carrier-related ), electrical and air-conditioning facilities and urban civil engineering works.
We are also working to establish social infrastructure toward the realization of a recycling-oriented society by engaging in renewable energy ( e.g., biomass ) and other environment-related works and the construction of environmental facilities.

Electrical Engineering

Installation engineering of electrical facilities / air-conditioning system within a building

  •  Photovoltaic plants
  •  Facility renewal and replacement
  •  Electrical facilities

Civil Engineering

Telecommunication underground civil engineering in the urban realm

  •  Telecom civil engineering
  •  Installation, replacement or renewal of underground utilities with Trenchless Techniques
  •  Reinforcement of underground facilities with W-RCS ( W-Round arch CFRP Strip and Resin Concrete Segment ) construction method
  •  Civil engineering system tools
    • Underground utilitiy drawings ledger system
    • Document management system

Environmental Engineering

Construction of wastes / effluent treatment facilities or biofuel power stations

  •  Wastes treatment facilities
  •  Plant operation and maintenance services
  •  Biomass boilers

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